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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pentagon limits Pelosi jet size- Good!

From the Washington Times today, the report that the "ever so entitled" Speaker Pelosi will not get the free ride around the country for herself, her staff, family and hangers-on every time she decides to jet from Washington to San Francisco.
The letter from the Pentagon yesterday cites specific U.S. Code that government policy does not include the routine use of military aircraft for the speaker of the House.

"Nonstop service is not guaranteed, meaning she's getting Hastert's plane and nothing bigger," the congressional source said, referring to the commuter jet Mr. Hastert began using for security reasons after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

In addition, the letter stipulates that the Air Force will only fly her between Washington and her San Francisco district and places limits on who can travel with her.
According to the same article, "I'm entitled" Nancy requested a military flight to last week's Democratic retreat, just a 2 hour car ride from Washington DC.

Here's my take on this- Nancy, there are regularly scheduled airlines with unsold seats going wherever you and your staff want to go. Your constituents are flying coach and undergoing the TSA's finest scrutiny and indignities passing through our nation's airports, why should you be provided any special privileges? For security? If our commercial airlines aren't secure enough for you to fly, they aren't safe enough for me to fly! So fix that and we can all be safe. Your hubby is a multi-millionaire and probably owns his own corporate jet that could be pressed into your service if you insist on dumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere for you and your staff's privilege of avoiding the unwashed masses that voted for you.

So knock off the elistist bullshit Nancy and pay your own way if you want special treatment. Have as much security and comfort as you are willing to pay for and shut the hell up about not being treated like royalty just because you are the first woman Speaker.

[UPDATE] I've decided I can't leave this post alone without mentioning the Speaker's desire to halt Global Warming,
"I promise to do everything in my power to achieve energy independence ... and to stop global warming," Pelosi said.
and the contradiction pointed out by Instapundit, that even the small jet she is being provided dumps 31 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere during a 6 hour flight...

Stopping Global Warming, Nancy? Not until you dump the special flights and get on a regularly scheduled airliner like the rest of us!

As for the rest of you in Congress that are bitching about the long work hours, you can shut the hell up too! If you aren't working as many hours as your constituents, you better not be complaining. Or resign and let your position be filled by somebody not afraid of a full week's work!

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